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Everyone has an Auntie Arnie

She is that aunt who knows exactly which dishes can make you dance with delight, or soothe a broken heart.
Her cooking is legendary, the highlight of some of your greatest memories around the dining table.
From potluck celebrations and Sunday family lunches to ordinary days spent in her home, Auntie Arnie has a special meal to share for every moment.



Truly masterful kitchen creations, expertly prepared with heartfelt sincerity and love

The special potluck packs you will find in our product catalog are all made using our Auntie Arnie’s heirloom recipes. These truly masterful kitchen creations are expertly prepared with heartfelt sincerity and love. Inimitable, steeped in tradition, and time-tested, these beloved dishes are guaranteed to give you a taste of double-A goodness.


These are the recipes we grew up with. And now, it is our great pleasure to share them with all of you

With minimal effort, you too can serve up maximum flavor at home for your family and friends. Our wide variety of easy-to-prepare dishes are guaranteed preservative-free and made using only the best ingredients available. From kid-friendly viands to show-stopping specialties, we have an Auntie Arnie’s pack crafted for your every gastronomic need.

These are the recipes we grew up with. And now, it is our great pleasure to share them with all of you. So sit back, take a bite, and indulge.




Only the highest quality products delivered to your home.

Each Auntie Arnie’s potluck pack is carefully prepared in small batches by our team of culinary experts, then immediately blast-frozen to maintain freshness. 

Our fully equipped kitchens pass the highest standards of cleanliness, and we assure you that safety is our utmost priority. Through our world-class blast freezing and storage facilities, we are able to keep our food tender or crisp as needed, with every flavor carefully preserved. 

The ingredients we use are delivered daily from our trusted partner farms and butchers. And, with best practices in place, you can be certain that we deliver only the highest quality products to your homes.