Holiday Pasta Sauces

Holiday Pasta Sauces


PhP 245 each

A tasty line of bottled pasta sauces that are great to give as Christmas gifts. Each of these versatile sauces can be used and served in three different ways, making them truly helpful pantry staples to have during this busy season.

Choose from our 3 pasta sauces:
Cacio e Pepe
Three Herb Pesto

Our Cacio e Pepe, which literally means cheese and pepper, can be mixed with cooked noodles for an instant pasta dish. You can also serve this alongside Auntie Arnie’s 50 Cloves Roasted Chicken. And, for an easy appetizer or snack, spread this sauce generously over sliced baguettes.

Make a yummy bowl of pasta by mixing hot, cooked noodles with our Pomodoro Sauce. We also like to use it as a quick and easy pizza sauce. To make a comforting pomodoro soup, mix the sauce with some vegetable or chicken stock, and serve with grilled cheese on the side.

Apart from mixing it with cooked pasta, our Three Herb Pesto may be spread onto baguette slices to make herb-garlic toast, or spooned over breaded and fried fish fillets for added flavor.

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