Enjoy Auntie Arnie's Heirloom Holiday Dishes this Christmas

Looking for delicious new dishes to add to your holiday feast? Auntie A has you covered.

If there’s one thing Filipinos truly look forward to, it’s Christmas. As soon as the “Ber” months roll in, homes and shops are decorated, lights come on, and iconic holiday hymns start to play on the radio. Along with these, we begin to find yummy Christmas goodies like bibingka and puto bumbong being served at restaurants, cafes, and everyone’s favorite sidewalk pop up stores. ‘Tis the season when families and friends gather together, and this is a big reason why Christmastime is such big deal in this part of the world.


Chestnut Soup

Food plays a major role in holiday celebrations, which is not surprising since Filipinos really do love to eat. With countless dinners and potluck parties, and the traditional Christmas Eve Noche Buena happening within days of one another, deciding on what to bring or serve can become a real challenge. For those in search of delightful new dishes to indulge in this year, Auntie A has you covered. From our table to yours, we are excited to share three heirloom holiday dishes by Auntie Arnie that are sure to impress. 

To start, try our Chestnut Soup. We like to serve this piping hot, and sprinkled with chopped chestnuts, parsley, and grated queso de bola. This truly tastes and smells like Christmas in a bowl. 


Pollo Rellenado

Another must-try dish is our traditional Pollo Rellenado. Our Noche Buena feast is never complete without this delicious stuffed chicken dish. We serve ours either cold or at room temperature, sliced up and slathered with hot gravy, fresh off the stove. If you prefer to eat this hot or warm, the pollo can easily be reheated whole in an oven. Simply brush the skin with melted butter, cover in foil, and bake for 10 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Simple and easy!


Crown Roast of Pork

Completing our holiday offerings is a Noche Buena centerpiece, Crown Roast of Pork. We enjoy serving this dish at room temperature, paired with delicious gravy, which we heat on the stove. 15 minutes in the oven is all it takes to heat this up for those who prefer having it warm. Just remember to cover the roast in foil before baking at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.  

All of these Christmas dishes make great next-day leftover meals, too. Just remember to refrigerate any leftovers immediately to maintain freshness. For the roast, slice and quickly sear each piece in a pan with melted butter. The rellenado is pairs well with pandesal for breakfast. And the chestnut soup makes for a perfect light meal when you need a break from all the feasting. 

Along with these holiday exclusives, we are also offering a tasty line of bottled pasta sauces that are great to give as Christmas gifts. Each of these versatile sauces can be used and served in three different ways, making them truly helpful pantry staples to have during this busy season. 


Cacio e Pepe

Our Cacio e Pepe, which literally means cheese and pepper, can be mixed with cooked noodles for an instant pasta dish. You can also serve this alongside Auntie Arnie’s 50 Cloves Roasted Chicken. And, for an easy appetizer or snack, spread this sauce generously over sliced baguettes. 


Pomodoro Sauce

Make a yummy bowl of pasta by mixing hot, cooked noodles with our Pomodoro Sauce. We also like to use it as a quick and easy pizza sauce. To make a comforting pomodoro soup, mix the sauce with some vegetable or chicken stock, and serve with grilled cheese on the side. 

Apart from mixing it with cooked pasta, our Three Herb Pesto may be spread onto baguette slices to make herb-garlic toast, or spooned over breaded and fried fish fillets for added flavor.

To order our Christmas specials, you may call 0917-590-2011. Please note that we require a 1-week lead-time for orders. All Christmas products are for pickup only at La Contessa Deli in Greenhills, San Juan from 9:00am – 8:00pm. Cut off for pickups on Christmas Eve (December 24) is at 12:00nn.

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