Mothers Who Brunch Introduces Auntie Arnie’s


For many moms, a home cooked meal is a symbol of the love and care that they give to their families. These are dishes made from the heart, thoughtfully planned and carefully prepared. In an ideal scenario, most homemakers would like to serve their loved ones a freshly prepared meal at home, every day of the week. 

But, let’s face it – there will be days when mom is unable to prepare a home cooked lunch or dinner. Despite all the planning and prepartion, some days are just too busy. There are summer evenings that are too warm for cooking. And then there are those moments when kitchen inspiration just won’t strike. This is the reality. 


Auntie Arnie’s To The Rescue

For days like these, there’s Auntie Arnie’s. She is your kitchen fairy godmother, coming to the rescue with her arsenal of delicious heirloom recipes that parents (and even big kids!) can prepare at home, effortlessly and in no time at all. 

Last April, Michelle and Sabrina of Mothers Who Brunch officially launched this fantastic brand and its amazing lineup of frozen ready to reheat packs. The intimate event was held at Maria Maria Restorante in Greenhills, with a select group of mom bloggers, influencers and friends in attendance. These are all women who take the time to cook and serve yummy and healthy meals to their families, and can certainly appreciate and benefit from all that Auntie Arnie’s has to offer.

Not only were guests able to sample the different viands and side dishes at the event, but they also witnessed firsthand how quick and easy it was to get these dishes on the table. The moms in the audience were impressed by how, in mere minutes, Michelle and Sabrina were able to reheat and serve a complete Auntie Arnie’s meal. It was not just any meal, but a delightful combination of Callos, Paella Negra, and Orange Peel Chicken, no less.

As an added treat, attendees were also given a sneak peek to the different products that are still in the works, and will be hitting the market in the coming months. This includes an exciting Holiday Line, a line of dips, pasta sauces, and sauces for meats, fish and chicken; all perfect for entertaining at home and for potluck parties, too. 



One of the highlights of the day was the tablescape and menu styling challenge. The moms were divided into groups, and were given scenarios where they would have to entertain at a moment’s notice. Each group had to style a table and prepare a meal of Auntie Arnie’s dishes to serve, all befitting the situation assigned to them. 

One team worked on an Instant Date Night setup, while another was given an Outdoor Picnic scenario. The final theme was Kids Attack, where the house is suddenly taken over by kids for last-minute play dates or to do group work for school. It was a fun and challenging activity, and creativity shone through, as each group succeeded in setting up their tables. This definitely proved how moms in a sticky situation can instantly be #SavedByAuntieA!


Before the day was over, each participant was treated to a quick shopping spree, where they got to pick their favorite Auntie Arnie’s potluck packs to take with them. With this, they wouldn’t have to worry about what to serve their families for dinner after enjoying a day of fun outside the home. 

With their custom coolers loaded with frozen packs of viands and side dishes that are made fresh, blast-frozen, and completely preservative free, the ladies in attendance left happy, refreshed, and renewed. It truly was an amazing day with Auntie A.

Rachell de Luna