Baby Barangay Meets Auntie Arnie’s


Multitasking moms need all the help they can get in a day, and nobody knows this better than the hardworking mothers of Baby Barangay. This is a group of superwomen that gracefully juggles motherhood, their careers, and their successful blogs and vlogs, while managing to take time for self- care, too. 

The Baby Barangay moms understand the value of dedication, intention, and providing their families with nothing but the best. And so, it was an exciting day when they were finally introduced to the delicious, preservative-free, made from scratch meals of Auntie Arnie’s.

A Little Laughter Goes a Long Way

It was Michelle and Sabrina of Mothers Who Brunch who made this happen, setting up a cozy get-together at the Viking Range Showroom in Alabang. To this, they invited Baby Barangay’s Patty, Nicole, and Bianca, with the promise of an awesome Auntie Arnie’s experience, filled with food, friends, and laughter.

The morning kicked off with a few minutes of Laughter Yoga, facilitated by Kristina of Laughter Yoga Philippines. Laughter exercises are said to be effective at busting stress, and have been known to boost energy, strengthen the immune system and uplift a person’s mood. 

Exercises like these are great for busy moms in need of a break, and the participants enjoyed and really let loose. The brief but energetic session proved to be a little pocket of happiness, and undoubtedly helped to lift everyone’s spirits and start the day off on a high note. 

Full Bellies, Happy Hearts


The fun exercise session also got everyone’s appetites going, and the ladies proceeded to gather around the kitchen to start cooking and munching. Everyone played a hands-on role in putting together the decadent spread that day, together with Joy of Yogi Brunch. 


The wonderful brunch menu was made up of Auntie Arnie’s dishes, some prepared in the traditional way and others with a twist. There was a Baguette Bar that featured assorted Auntie Arnie’s sauces and spreads such as Three Herb Pesto and Cacio E Pepe, all of which will be hitting stores very soon. For the main course, best-sellers such as Auntie Arnie’s Orange Chicken, 50 Cloves Roasted Chicken, Laing Rolls, and Yang Chow Fried Rice were served.

Michelle and Sabrina also demonstrated quick and easy ways to create leveled-up versions of Auntie Arnie’s staples. A crowd favorite was the Taquitos Bar, which featured Auntie Arnie’s Chicken Barbecue done Kung Pao style, and Chicken and Pork Adobo with tomato salsa. This works great as an extra special Sunday lunch appetizer for the family, or as an effortless starter when entertaining at home. 


The few hours spent chatting and eating with friends that morning resulted in full bellies and happy hearts. It certainly was a welcome, well-deserved break from everyone’s busy schedules. The Baby Barangay moms left the showroom that day with a little bit of happiness in tow, in the form of coolers of Auntie Arnie’s frozen packs to share with their husbands and kids at home. It was another truly spectacular morning spent with Auntie A.

Rachell de Luna