Auntie Arnie’s to the Rescue: Baon Edition!


Back to school season is upon us, which means the return of one very important daily task for many moms – Baon packing! Mothers know the importance of serving nutritious and delicious food to their kids, and healthy school lunches are no exception. 

Lunch is a really important meal, especially on school days. This is because eating a good midday meal can help kids stay energized, and focused in class. By sending the kids off with a thoughtfully packed lunchbox, mommies are able to take control of the quality and quantity of food they eat while they are away from home. 


Balance is the key here. Ideally, lunchboxes should contain proper portions of protein, starches, and fruits and veggies. They should also be packed in a way that is appealing to kids, and convenient to eat. Creativity really plays a big part in ensuring that kids actually eat their baon, and lunchboxes return home empty every day.

Preparing packed meals for kids can be a real challenge, especially since there is so much thinking, planning and prepping that goes into the task. But there’s no need to worry, because Auntie Arnie’s has a solution for that. 

On June 8th at Haeker Kitchen in BGC, Auntie Arnie’s and Mothers Who Brunch invited mom and kid pairs to learn how to prepare perfect packed lunches to bring to school, all made in no time at all using Auntie Arnie’s food packs. 

Michelle and Sabrina of Mothers Who Brunch partnered with vlogger and #KiddieCuisinie Chef Crew Member, Riley Catral, for the day’s demo. First, the MWB ladies taught attendees how to make Auntie Arnie’s Barbecue Chicken and Steamed Veggies Caulirice, which is a complete meal all on it’s own, and really convenient for kids to eat as baon. 



After this came Riley’s Cooking Bento Workshop. The kiddie chef taught participants how to prepare a simple Fried Chicken with Honey Mustard bento box, which moms and kids can work on together. Great for picky eaters, an artistic and cute bento lunchbox like this can help make packed food more exciting and interesting to eat, especially for younger kids.  

It was an enjoyable morning of learning for all the moms and kids who came. And, a delicious brunch, awesome raffle prizes and other fun activities made the day even better. In the end, everyone went home stuffed and satisfied, and absolutely ready to face a new school year of lunchbox prepping. Once again, Auntie Arnie saves the day! #SavedByAuntieA #AuntieArniesPH

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